2018-19 Training Times


Tuesday: Positional session 6:45am-8:00am

Wednesday: BUCS Fixtures

Friday: Blues Squad session 6:45am-8am

Roos & Emus fitness 6:45am-8am

Saturday: Roos & Emus 9am-10:15am

Blues S&C 9am-10am

Whole Squad 10:15am-11am

Sunday: Whole Squad 5.30pm-7pm


Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join? 

As long as you are a member of the University, you are eligible to play for O.U.N.C. There are more specific rules concerning individual eligibility for the Varsity match in particular. For more details on these, see


When are trials?

The trials are held on the Saturday of 0th/Freshers’ week and the first Sunday of Michaelmas term (the first term in the academic year).


What standard do you have to be?

There is no set level of experience that you need to play for OUNC. The standard of all players is assessed at the trials at the beginning of the year, and the best 30-35 players are chosen to be in the squad. The First, Second and Third teams are then selected out of this squad, but these can change throughout the season depending on performance.


What level of commitment is there?

Training: Per week there will be 3 or 4 netball sessions run by our dedicated coach, Lisa Manning, plus an additional fitness session.

Fixtures: BUCS matches are played on Wednesdays. Home matches tend to take up the afternoon and Away matches can take up to an entire day.

Full commitment of all the members of the club is expected and has been found to be more than manageable with other commitments at Oxford.


Do you get a Full Blue?

Ten players will be awarded a Full Blue, at the Captain’s discretion, if the Blues reach the top 16 in the BUCS League and/or win the Varsity match. Each player must play in the Varsity match in order to gain her Blue. This also applies to the Second team who are awarded different kind of representative honour, known as University Colours, for playing in their Varsity match.



OUNC members who have played in a Varsity Match become eligible to join Atalanta’s, the Oxford Society for Women in Sport. We are proud to make up a large and active contingent of the Club.